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Connecting Visionary Writers & Readers

For Writers

For Writers: I help aspiring and emerging writers to make a difference as they express their life purpose through the power of the written word.  As visionary writers, we’re catalysts for creating a world on purpose.

And if you’re a writer who’s ready to make a difference with your words while also making money, check out the From Spark to Flame Online Writer’s Course that outlines in detail a proven, systematic process that I’ve used for over two decades that has allowed me to support my family through my writing while also contributing to thousands of people’s lives.

For Readers: If you love a good story that entertains while also enlightening and encouraging you to live your own life on purpose, you’ve come to the right place. That’s visionary fiction.

If you love a good nonfiction book that both enlightens and encourages you in your life while also being entertaining, that’s visionary nonfiction, and this is the place for you as well!

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About the Author:

As a visionary author, W. Bradford Swift writes stories that engage and entertain while also inspiring, encouraging and enlightening readers to new possibilities for their lives.

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  1. Tomms September 18, 2013 at 12:26 pm - Reply

    Good job! Efforts like this must be made so as to inculcate more thoughts into the community. It will always be a very constructive thing to do and I assure you it can bring changes which you aspire for.

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