Life Will NOT be Denied

I start out almost every day, rain or shine, with my purpose practice of walking, most often around the retreat center that is across from my home.  I make it a point to include a spin around Bonclarken Lake.  This past early spring, I noticed a beaver had toppled about eight beautiful crepe myrtle trees that nestled themselves in the corner of one of the home’s properties overlooking the lake.

At the time I thought, boy, are the owners going to be upset when they return for the summer.  Well, I haven’t found out if they were upset by nature’s trimming or not, but I did notice something I found quite amazing. The crepe myrtle trees are now crepe myrtle bushes.  Cutting them down at the base did not kill them.  If anything, it seems to have stimulated new and stronger growth.

My life lesson from this — Life Will NOT be Denied!  The crepe myrtles weren’t finished, weren’t ready to chuck it in.  They took the trimming all in stride and came back stronger and as beautiful as ever.

And we humans are a part of this ‘cycle of life’ as well, even though we often try to deny it or suppress the irrepressible. For us, a natural part of this life not being denied plays out in the form of “Self-expression” — that is when we get ourselves out of the way long enough to allow the true Self, the Divinely Inspired Self, to do its thing.  Its thing is to create, to grow, to evolve, to express in many different ways — through art, writing, building bridges and buildings, growing gardens, forming businesses…the list goes on.

So, I look at my own life these past eight months or so, since, with the help from a conversation with my soul mate and wife, Ann, I got in touch with my desire to further express my own true Self in the form of a Visionary Writer.  It’s been an exciting, exhilarating time.  Oh, I’ve experienced my own growing pangs as I try to find a new level of balance in it all.  But this much I’m sure — life will not be denied, so one of my primary ‘jobs’ is to keep keeping myself (as in my ego self) out of the way and let life be expressed through me.

How about you?  What form of life expressing itself would you find exciting and exhilarating?

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