Manifesto #13: Tapping Into Your Passion

What stirs your passion? The question isn’t as silly as you may think. Many people have lost touch with their passion, the inner spark that ignites them into inspired action. The best they can muster is a mild curiosity or a passing interest.

The following exercise will help you get in touch with your passion and help determine what’s really important to you. I recommend that you take out your notebook and find a nice quiet place to go through this exercise. Find a place where you can be sure you won’t be disturbed during the short time the exercise will take. Here’s the set up:

The Passion Police are on the way to your home. In just a few minutes, they’ll knock on your door. Their mission is to take away everything you’re passionate about. Your only hope is to write down those things in life that are really important to you. If it’s not written down, the Passion Police will take it away, never to be in your world again.

You must be as precise as possible about what you write. For instance, if relationships are important to you, write down which relationships are important. If you’re passionate about nature, write down the specific aspects of nature that matter the most to you. If you love animals, which ones do you love most? Describe the specific details of your passion. What do you want to have in your world after the Passion Police leave? It must be written down or, after they’ve left, it won’t exist in your world.

They’re almost at your door. You now have five minutes to record in your notebook everything that you’re passionate about. Check your watch and start writing. Remember—five minutes of writing as much and as fast and as precisely as you can. BEGIN!


How did you do?

It’s likely that as you look over your list you’ll realized you missed some important things that you want in your world. Okay, take one minute and add those to your list. The passion police were a little slow today. Once you’ve made those additions, look over the list again. While you may not have listed everything you’re passionate about, it’s a great place to start getting ideas you could write about.

Purposefully Playing with Your Writing

Is it really possible to make a living doing something you love and have a lot of fun in the process?  YES —  if you set your intention to purposefully play with the ways you express your life purpose.  The secret to purposeful play is to not get overly attached to the results you’re out to produce.  While it may sound paradoxical, it’s possible to be committed to your writing career while at the same time not taking it too seriously.  When you stay committed and unattached, you’ll probably find you’re much more effective at producing results. Now that’s a paradox worth grappling with.

Call to Action Assignment
Continue to add to your Passion List.  Add things that mean a lot to you as well as things that you find interesting or that you’re curious about.  Then, from that list, make a top 10 list of what you’re most passionate about.  Keep this list visible where you write.

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