Manifesto #5: Part Two: Clarity of Purpose: Don’t Live Life Without It

(The following was originally written as a Life On Purpose Special Report entitled Clarity of Purpose: Don’t Live Life without It. If you’ve happened to come across this report and read it, then I encourage you to read it again here as a review. I have revised it to have a slant for Visionary Writers.)

Here one reason I feel so strongly that knowing your life purpose will make a profound difference in all of your life including your life as a Visionary Writer:

“Seven in ten individuals without a clearly defined purpose felt unsettled about their lives, while almost seven in ten with a purpose felt satisfied.”

This was the finding as reported in the book, I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy, by Aaron Cooper and Eric Keitel, M.Ed. That’s a pretty dramatic difference, wouldn’t you say?

This manifesto isn’t intended to give you the ‘how to’ of clarifying your life purpose. That’s all covered in my book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, that outlines in details a proven, systematic, spiritually based process that has assisted thousands of people in clarifying their life purpose and in designing their lives to be an authentic reflection of that purpose. Please see the appendix on purposeful resources for more information.

So, let’s start by further distinguishing the three parts that make up “clarity of purpose.” They are:

1.    Knowing your true, Divinely Inspired Life Purpose with crystal clarity. This means knowing your life purpose so well that if someone woke you at 3 o’clock in the morning and asked you what your life purpose is, you’d be able to tell them clearly and succinctly.
2.    Knowing with equal clarity the other life shaping force that so often keeps people from either knowing their life purpose or from living true to their purpose. In the Life On Purpose Process, I refer to this as the Inherited Purpose.  It’s important to know this because one of the primary things that gives the Inherited Purpose so much of it’s ‘life shaping’ power is that it operates most effectively in the background of our awareness. So, bringing it to the light of day is a key step in being able to choose whether to allow the fear and lack-based nature of the Inherited Purpose to shape your life or not.
3.    Having the tools and the commitment to use these tools to design a life that is a true and authentic reflection of your life purpose. Said another way, if the people who know you were to hear you share your life purpose with that person who intruded in on your sleep, they’d say, “Yes, that’s his/her life purpose. I know because their life is a reflection of that purpose.”

Let’s look at #1 in more depth. Knowing your true life purpose starts with a shift in perspective in how you view what a life purpose is. Yep, that’s next time.

By the way. Do you know other writers you feel would enjoy and benefit from the Manifesto Bloginar? Please share this with them. It’s not too late for them to climb on board. The posts are archived.

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