Manifesto #7: Remember, We’re Human BEINGS

Remember, we’re working with this Life On Purpose Perspective Model:

Circle 3 represents the being aspect of life, so let’s start by labeling it with these words:

•    Be
•    Being
•    Experience
•    Meaning

Now, here’s an important point to consider:

Who we are, or more accurately, who we consider ourselves to be, has a direct influence on what we see possible to do.

This relationship of being and doing is represented by the other semicircle arrow.  To illustrate this important point, let’s look at a simple example.

Let’s say you’re in the midst of starting a new job, but you’re really only taking the job because you have bills to pay and a family to feed. You’re not sure it is the job for you. In fact, you’re pretty sure it isn’t. You don’t like the person you’re going to be working for, the work environment seems rigid and depressing, and the work seems to be tedious and unrewarding. But, you’re afraid if you don’t take the job, you’ll get even further into financial difficulties.

Can you see that ‘who you’re being’, i.e. your attitude, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about the job will influence your action and performance on the job which will then affect the results as well. It’s a cascading effect.

Now, let’s say there’s another person who’s about to start the same kind of job. But who this person is being regarding the job is an excited person.

She’s looking forward to getting to know her co-workers, and while she realizes her boss might be a bit of a challenge, she’s looking forward to finding ways to work with him and to be of service. Sure the work may be a little tedious at first, but she’s confident that the better she does at the job the sooner she’ll be able to move up to more satisfying duties. So, she comes to work excited, and with the intention to do her best in service to others.

Can you see that the actions she sees to take will be different, as will her performance and not surprising, also her results will be different. Wow, who we are has a lot to do with the quality of our life, doesn’t it? You may be asking: “What does this all have to do with life purpose?”. Well, let’s go back to our diagram once more, and ask this question:

What informs us as to who we are or who we consider ourselves to be?  Said another way, if this realm of being is so important how can we access it in a way that will serve us in living a more purposeful and meaningful life?

Remember, I indicated that the aspects of doing and having occur in the physical part of our world, but as you can see from the diagram, the being aspect occurs in the nonphysical part of the cosmos. So hang in with me for a little longer, and I think this will all make sense. It may even result in a large ‘aha’ moment.

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