New Project #2: Life On Purpose for Teens & Young Adults

I love it when my life on purpose takes on a creative streak as it has in the past week or two. Maybe it’s because I’ve added the term, “courageously creative” to my life purpose statement. For whatever reason, I’m loving the new projects.

Mock up cover of new book

Two of my new Purpose Projects for next year are book-related. I shared about my second outing of creating an audiobook (Dominion Over All via ACX). The other book project that I’m excited about is my next visionary nonfiction book with the working title Life On Purpose for Teens & Young Adults. I’ve

thought for some time that it’s really unnecessary for people to wait until they’re in their forties, fifties, or older before finally getting around to clarifying their life purpose. Just imagine the difference that could be made in the world if teenagers and young adults brought such clarity of purpose to their lives?

Creating a Team of Beta Test Readers

And that’s the aim of this next book in the Life On Purpose series. I could also use your help. I’m looking for a 3-6 young beta readers between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four. You see, while the main content of the new book will be the Life On Purpose Process, I want the book to be as entertaining and engaging as possible for people in that age range.

I have set up a private Facebook group where I’ll share the book chapters as I finish them for input and suggestions, so those on the beta team will be working directly with me.

I’ll also include their names in the acknowledgment section of the book and when it’s finished, each beta tester who stays with the project will receive their own autograph copy of the book along with my eternal gratitude.

If you know of someone who you feel would enjoy being a part of the team (including yourself if you’re between fourteen and twenty-four), let me know by sending me an email message.

Desired Qualities of a Beta Reader

These are some of the qualities and attributes that make for a great beta reader:

  • A Beta Reader is able to provide constructive comments on book from a Big Picture perspective. They can make useful, valuable, and constructive comments that results in a stronger and more engaging read .
  • They are able to share what works about the book from their perspective in a possible and specific way.
  • They are then able to also make specific comments on what could make the book even better. This includes pointing out places in the book where they may have become confused, or where they lost interest, or where the book seemed to ramble.
  • They are able to communicate their insights in a positive and constructive way.
  • They are also able to read and comment on a book within a week or two of their agreeing to read the book. The exception to this is in the case they are reading chapters as they are being written, which might happen from time to time. (as in this case.)
  • If something unexpected comes up that prevents them from reading the book in a timely manner, they communicate immediately so other arrangements can be made.

Quick Update

The team has formed (as of January 23 and it about to start in earnest on this project. There’s still time to join though if you act quickly.  I’ve decided to start by having my beta readers start reading the current book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life that the new book will be based upon. They will then give me input on what they find works well for their age group and their suggestions on how the new book can be more engaging for teens and young adults.

Everyone on the team has also committed to devoting at least one hour to this project to keep it moving forward. Again, if you know of someone who you feel would enjoy being a part of the team (including yourself if you’re between fourteen and twenty-four), let me know by sending me an email message. I’ll be in touch and find out what edition of the book you want me to send.

Tip Sheet for Beta Readers

Here’s what I’ll be looking for from my beta readers:

1. Start with the ‘good stuff.’ What do you like about the book and why do you like it (if you know).  What works about it. What parts do you find most engaging and entertaining.

2. Then, and only then, go on to this next part. (After all, as a writer, I have a pretty tender side of me when it comes to my creative projects.)  What do you feel would make the book more engaging and interesting? Be specific as you can.  If possible, don’t just point out a shortcoming or problems but if you can suggest a way to strengthen it or fix it.

3. Are there parts that are unclear or don’t make sense to you?  Again, be specific. If you read a passage and you’re left with, “What was that all about?”, let me know.

4. Are there places where you started to lose interest or became bored, especially if that last for more than a page or two.  I won’t like hearing it, but I need to hear it, so let me know.

5. Anything else?  Let me know about any other points that come to you that you feel would help make the book more engaging, entertaining, and yes, even enlightening especially for young readers in the 14-24 age bracket.


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