Seeds of a New Earth

SEEDS V2 TEXTSeeds of a New Earth, book three of the Kindred Series, picks up with the Kindred split apart by the forces of a human society that feel threatened by this new species of human being. Most of the sisters have been captured by Willow and her gang, who are taking them to meet the Sheik – a power-hungry billionaire who is the splitting image of Rudolph Valentino. Meanwhile, Mel, Tabitha and Kirstin hide out in Sarrah’s old homestead, as Alp and Damba bring together James Stepp and her father, Flip MacDougal, to rescue her sisters.

Look for the third installment of this science fiction thriller with a genetic engineering theme sometime in late December or January (2016).

Or if you’re already a fan of the Kindred, you can pre-order your copy now for just $1.99 and save a buck or two off the published price. Be sure to select which format you want to receive (mobi for Kindle, epub, or PDF).

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